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One of eSports hottest CS:GO teams LGB had just been endorsed by the hardware giants Intel and MSI with a multi-year long contract and was in need of promotional material.

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    Director, Film producer


LGB was not a new name in the gaming arena as they had been gaining more and more prays while they rose through the ranks, well-off to become one of the best CS:GO teams in the world. A year prior I had received the pleasant task of rebranding the whole LGB brand with new logotype, typefaces, colours and social media templates. 

So when they once again approached me, but this time for video work, I gladly excepted. 


Produce several promotional eSport endorsement videos

eSports in CS:GO have since it inception grown exponentially each year, with the latest price pool of $2.000.000 to the winning team. LGB was one of the top 10 teams in the world and they had just signed a multi-year long partnership together with Intel & MSI.

To promote this partnership, I traveled to Cologne, Germany with one of the eSports stars Mattye to record several videos during the legendary Gamescom fair.

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